Adèle: she offers herself the extravagant mansion of Sylvester Stallone

The year is getting off to a flying start in celebrity real estate! The American magazine “Dirt” unveiled the new and crazy acquisition made by the British interpreter of “Easy on Me”. This is surely one of the biggest sums spent for a villa. Adèle has indeed bought the former domain of Sylvester Stallone for a tidy sum of 51 million euros. Just that !

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Nestled in the heights of the residential enclave of Beverly Park (Beverly Hills), the property owes its price in part to its location away from prying eyes, and mainly to its disproportionate area of ​​1,430 m2. It belonged to the legendary actor of “Rocky” since 1994. Sylvester Stallone and his wife, Jennifer Flavin put it on sale last year: they want to leave Los Angeles for Palm Beach. The starting price of $ 168 million has been lowered several times for lack of finding a buyer.

Endless rooms

This mansion was designed by Richard Landry, a Canadian architect aka “the king of the mega-house”. And we understand why: eight bedrooms, ten bathrooms, a kitchen with two islands, a dining room with multiple seats, a billiard room, an office with its fireplace, a projection room, a gym, a sauna and a hammam, an art studio make up the main house to which you add a two-story guest house.

Adèle, who wanted to move into a bigger house, can therefore be delighted with her purchase. At the same time, the singer at the 15 Grammys Awards becomes the neighbor of a gaggle of stars such as Denzel Washington, Sofia Vergara, Justin Bieber or even The Rock.

The outdoors as a playground

The estate is at the end of a long private driveway. Perched on its hill, it offers a very large land allowing the manor to blend into the landscape. Large trees including redwoods, a mowed lawn for playing golf, hedges and shrubs embellish this verdant panorama. It is also one of the few villas with an infinity pool with a view of the canyons and the city below.

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