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Laura McCarthy with the twins she managed to have in her second pregnancy in vitro.

She also mentions that her childhood dream was to be a mother for life, a goal she achieved after having her own four children. However, his feelings could be extrapolated to other families who could not have babies. Ensures that feel empathy for them and that is why she decided to be a surrogate mother.

Laura McCarthy

Laura McCarthy had to lose five kilos of weight to avoid complications in her tenth pregnancy.

Now, there is an idealized rumor not only in the United Kingdom, but in other countries of the world about the attachment that surrogate mothers can acquire for surrogate babies, since it is speculated that there are times when these women stay with the newly born.

However, McCarthy assures that this belief is far from reality because, although a link is generated, “noor you go beyond keeping that baby safe from any mishaps, and that they are not the same feelings that you have towards your own child than when you are pregnant with someone else’s child”, He assured.

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On the other hand, he mentioned that he does not earn much money in this practice because the laws of his country do not allow him to generate income in addition to the necessary living expenses. This, in order to avoid generating a business around fertilization and that could affect the rights and freedoms of minors, as well as a illegal traffic around them.

“In the UK, surrogacy is altruistic. Expenses are covered, such as travel and maternity clothes. The laws prevent receiving an economic incentive that is not restricted to reasonable expenses, “said the woman.

“It’s so normal for my family that they would be surprised if I didn’t have more. My mother is my biggest supporter regarding surrogacy. She supports me in what I do (…) 12 years ago, when I started doing it, they had many misconceptions. They were a bit surprised and thought that he shouldn’t. They saw an amazing journey with the parents and how respectful they were to me.” he told ‘Yorkshire Live’.

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