Actor Daniel Guerrero passed away: he contracted Covid-19 and was complicated by a COPD he had years ago

The world of entertainment is moved by the death of the actor and announcer, daniel warrior, who was hospitalized for having contracted coronavirus, and his picture was complicated by the presence of the EPOC that I had years ago.

“Dear people, my dad has just left… I can’t even say how much I love him, nor the immense pain I feel… I’m telling you because I know the love you have for him… and I can’t tell each person, I don’t have a soul right now for that… It takes my story and leaves me all the memories…, the love and what I lived…, it will never be dead in my heart…, it will never be dead… I love you with my soul dad, now you no longer suffer more… See you soon”, her daughter reported Eleonora, Through social networks.

It should be noted that Guerrero was an outstanding broadcaster and actor, and also participated in films such as “An elephant colored illusion”, “The flower of the mafia”, “The joker”, “Explosive squad against the Ninjas”, “One minute thirty-two” Y “Bedroom”.

In theater, he stood out in works such as “One Zulma and two Adams”, “Virgin, but not so much”, “You know how much I love you” and in various comedies and magazines. On Television, he participated in cycles such as “Good afternoon, nice to meet you”, “Your world and mine”, “Forever friends”, “Saturdays of the people”, “The theater of Darío Vittori” Y “High Comedy” among many other tasks. It should be noted that he was the husband of Zulma Faiad, with whom he had two daughters: Eleonora Y Daniela.

Daniel Guerrero was married to Zulma Faiad and they had two daughters (File).

In addition, the news was published by the Argentine Association of Actors on his social networks where he said goodbye with great sadness. “We accompany their daughters Daniela and Eleonora, relatives and loved ones in pain, expressing our heartfelt condolences,” says the published text.

According to information published by the entity, Guerrero graduated from ISER in 1968, and began working as an announcer on radio stations El Mundo, Splendid, Belgrano, Rivadavia, FM Palermo, among others.

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