Activist Shayra González Pernía deported to Cuba after days stranded at Istanbul airport

The activist Shayra González Pernía was deported to Cuba after being stranded for several days grounding at the airport in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey.

The news came out after friends sent the newsroom CiberCuba a video made by González Pernía at the time that she was going to be deported to Cuba by the Turkish immigration authorities.

In the images, he says that “I’m going to Cuba” and that he was sending that video to his friends as a safety feature on a very long flight to the island, “in case something happens to me.”

Capture / Facebook / People’s Party

Also in the networks, friends of the activist report her deportation to the island.

“I just spoke with Shayra González Pernía, at this moment she is being deported to Cuba from Istanbul,” says the user who identifies himself as Darrell Caricaber Quesada on the Facebook profile of the People’s Party organization.

The publication points out that whoever “has experienced firsthand the persecution of a murderous government, of a well-ordered mafia such as the Cuban state, knows the danger that this woman runs upon returning to Cuba. I appeal to some kind of justice, which I don’t know if it exists. None of us have left Cuba out of desire, we have left out of fear, because of the bad life, because of the political repression that we face for being activists and LGBTI ”.

“No human being deserves what we Cubans suffer, and we are at the mercy of the Cuban government and the blatant indifference of organizations that should protect human rights such as the UN. As Cubans, it is very difficult not only to live in Cuba, but also to face everything that that passport brings, which is a mark of disgrace ”, the publication also adds.

González Pernía lived in Moscow for three months; then he traveled to Egypt, where he stayed for a month, bought a ticket to Serbia and in the transshipment of Istanbul learned that it could not continue its journey.

“I ran away [de Cuba] because after being in the 11J march, the harassment with me was constant. Lieutenant Tania, in Zanja, made my life a yogurt. I fled through Moscow, “the young woman, who presents herself as an activist for LGBTI rights, explained on her social networks.

Unable to continue to Serbia, they told her that she could return to the capital of Russia, but they did not let her enter there either and they sent her back to Turkey, where she was without money or food, after having spent more than a thousand dollars on tickets.

From there he also regretted that Cubans have to leave the country to find a better future and criticized the power that the communist government has over citizens, who even outside the country suffer the consequences of a totalitarian dictatorship.

Shayra González Pernía (Manzanillo, 1986) escaped from Cuba in September to Moscow, like hundreds of other citizens of the island who take advantage of the visa exception that Russia has for those who are going to be at least 30 days in the country Eurasian.

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