Activist Claudia Genlui warns: "Luis Manuel Otero’s life may be in danger"

The activist Claudia Genlui Hidalgo warned this Monday that the life of the Cuban artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcantara, leader of the San Isidro Movement (MSI) and detained since the anti-government protests of 11J, could be “in danger.”

Genlui Hidalgo expressed his concern after not receiving the phone call from Otero, which was waiting until 4:00 pm “If I don’t call you on Monday, it’s because I went down the hill,” the artist had warned him in a conversation on September 9.

“We all know what the phrase ‘I’m going down the hill’ means to Luis. We have witnessed its repercussion on several occasions, undoubtedly the most difficult to assume, were in November 2020 during the barracks in San Isidro and in April-May of this year, when he carried out hunger and thirst strikes, the sacrifice of his body as a cry of denunciation before the arbitrariness and violations to which he has been subjected, ”Genlui said on social networks.

“Let’s not forget that the calls he makes at this time are heard by State Security. So right after this alert does all this happen? I also received an anonymous call from the jail, the same Sunday at 1:48 pm. In this the message was: ‘you have to be vigilant, they took him away, he is isolated, but he DOES NOT have Covid, something is happening’. The person hung up, “he said.

According to the activist, on Sunday a relative of a detainee close to Luis Manuel told her that the MSI leader had COVID, that he was stable, but, being isolated, they did not give him a phone number.

However, Genlui, who also spoke on behalf of the Otero Alcántara family, assures that he does not really know “what is happening.”

“What is certain is that: 1. No authority has notified that he is sick, something they should have done since he tested positive for COVID (supposedly) more than 24 hours ago. 2. Luis Manuel Otero’s life may be in danger, either due to the coronavirus or whatever that means that ‘he went down the hill’, let us remember that the doctors who treated him in Calixto made it clear to him that his body I would not tolerate another strike, ”he said.

“I reiterate that if something happens to Luisma, the responsibility lies with the Cuban government. I demand, and it is my right, that the authorities give me information about what is happening, “he warned.

Otero Alcantara He was sent to the maximum security prison of Guanajay after being arrested while trying to join the mass protests of 11J against the regime in Havana. After the demonstrations, it was learned that he was being accused by the Cuban authorities of attack, resistance and contempt.

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