Acrogliano: “There is an intention to go out and test in a desperate way”

The Secretary of Health of the municipality of Bahía Blanca, Pablo Acrogliano, pointed out that there is an over-demand in the city’s testing centers and remarked that people desperately want to test themselves.

“There is a desperate intention to go out and test yourself. With the Sanitary Region we do about a thousand swabs per day in the city and, in our case, we have a positivity rate that ranges from 50 to 60 percent, “he said.

In this sense, he recognized that people often seek tests only as a kind of reassurance that they do not have the disease and, thus, can continue with their normal life.

“Something similar is happening to us with the vaccination centers, which are crowded,” he said.

In dialogue with Radio Facts, which is issued by “LU2”He stated that if the number of test sites in the city were to increase, they would surely not be enough either.

“There is an over-demand in the tests, a product of the norms and protocols that come down from the Nation and the Province. Today, no matter how much swabbing sites continue to be opened, they will not be enough, because there is an intention to go out and test in a desperate way, “he said.

The official pointed out that not all the people who attend these centers have an “indication of testing”; that is, they do not meet the requirements of 48 hours of symptoms, there are not always only one per family group, others who are close contacts and want to do the same, and many who “do it just in case.”

The adventure of swabbing in Bahía Blanca

“A haze has been created around the tests, as if it were the key that enables us to go out to the workplace or in the summer. The indications are very precise in the tests, but more than 50% of the swabs that we do, have no indication of testing ”, he said.
In this regard, Acrogliano warned that “people approach as a reassurance that they can continue with their life.”

“Today the clear message is not so much to get tested, but to get vaccinated. The vaccine was shown to reduce mortality and hospitalizations. Currently we have a global occupancy of intensive care beds of 40 or 45%, but it has nothing to do with COVID, “he explained.

In addition, he said that the increase in cases that occurs in Bahía Blanca goes hand in hand with what happens in the rest of the Province, and that it is closely related to the greater circulation of people and the increase in swabs.

“This is logical, because symptomatic patients are sought in testing centers, which is why the number of cases increases. We hope that in the next few weeks this notification will begin to download; there are already some indicators on the downside, but it is still too early to speculate, “he said.

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