Accused of sexual abuse, son of an evangelical pastor has been on the run for a month

From the very beginning, from his defense, it was said that he was going to surrender and collaborate with the Justice until his innocence was documented. But after a month, the young Leonardo Sacco is still at large.

He is 23 years old and an accusation of sexual abuse with carnal access weighs on him, confirmed by the experts. The complaint was made by a minor in San Francisco, where the incident occurred, on August 14. He alleged that before the abuse he had given him clonazepam pills mixed with a beer.

For the prosecutor in the case, Bernardo Alberione, the evidence is overwhelming to at least initiate the investigation. But he could not count on the defendant even to have his statement.

In the middle, the judicial official was threatened by the father of the accused. He is Víctor Sacco, a recognized evangelical pastor of the “Jesús Salva” movement, who spent several hours in detention. In one of the raids, while they were looking for his son, he even said that he was going to “kill” whoever is carrying out the investigation.

The truth is that the procedures multiplied, but all were negative. They passed by family homes, the place where the Church that his father leads works and various other places. The last, as it became known, were the weekend in the town of Sacanta.

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The Prosecutor’s Office for Complex Crimes launched an arrest warrant several weeks ago, and the photograph of the fugitive was released.

Meanwhile, suspected accomplices in the young man’s long escape are sought.

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