Accused of murder, rapper Top5 is arrested in Los Angeles after spending months as a fugitive

Top5 was released from custody and equipped with an electronic ankle bracelet in February

Toronto rapper Top5, who had been on the run for most of the year, was arrested. Hassan Ali was charged with two counts of non-compliance with probation, three counts of possession of a controlled substance for drug trafficking purposes and possession of items valued at more than $5,000 obtained through the crime. Also, in February it was discovered that he had a connection to a murder.

In late January, 20-year-old Hashim Omar Hashi was shot and killed in a parking lot. Top5 was arrested in February but was reportedly released on the pretext that he would be under house arrest and equipped with an ankle monitor. In March, however, Hassan Ali turned off his monitor and disappeared. In May, the Toronto rapper’s charges were updated to include first-degree murder and he was added to the city’s most wanted list.

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In July, Top5 held a live insulting the mayor of Toronto and demanding a conversation. “Do you want to talk? Call John Tory and tell him I want a session for thirty minutes,” he said at the time. “I want to reveal my facts, and he will speak his facts…you idiot shit.”

On Thursday (October 7th), Top5 was located and arrested in Los Angeles. No other information about his arrest, extradition or the possibility of further charges has been shared with the public so far.

Another man, 24-year-old Emmanuel Missah, was also arrested and charged with “an accomplice after the fact” and “failing to comply with an order of recognition.” It is unclear who the police believe he was the sniper in this case. The murder took place on January 31st.

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