According to the Tenant Union, 60% of people had to change their rent for something cheaper

In the last hours, the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Sergio Massa, called for discussion in Congress a new rental law that provides certainty to the owner and guarantees and peace of mind to the tenant. For Massa, the law passed in 2020 it was a failure.

Those who were critical of the law from the outset were the various groups that bring together tenants. Among them is the Salta Tenants Union, where Natalia Soraire is the benchmark.

In dialogue with Get informed, Soraire went back to the origins of the debate and pointed out that the weakest points of the law are those proposed by macrismo. “The Central Bank participated in the modifications and we do not agree with that. The State has to be present, without involving the Central Bank. It was an agreement where the macrismo wanted the bank to participate ”, he recalled.

“The law only generates uneasiness in the tenant, because the question remains of the rise in each renewal of the contract”

From the organization directed by Natalia, different surveys and surveys were carried out to analyze the current situation of the tenants, after the application of the new law. As indicated, registered 60% of cases tenants who said they had indebted to pay the rent, they had to look for smaller places or they had to return to their parents.

Consulted by Sergio Massa’s proposal to debate the law again in Congress, Natalia said that “it is for thinking about it” since it was not said what they would intend to modify. “In the country there is a lot of poverty for Massa to think about putting mortgage credits that only cause more tenants to go into debt. Outside of that, nothing else was said, ”Soraire said.

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