Abuelito graduates as an engineer at 84

The story of Felipe Espinosa Tecuapetla it is inspiring and shows that it is never too late to study and fulfill the desires of the heart. He managed to finish his university degree at 84 years old and his merit has been recognized by an entire country.

Felipe Espinosa took his admission exam at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) at the age of 79 and was accepted. In August 2016 he began to study the Bachelor of Process Engineering and Industrial Management and five years later he fulfilled his great dream.

On September 6, Don Felipe Espinosa received his graduation photos in which he can be seen posing proudly in a cap and gown with his colleagues from the first generation of process and industrial management engineers from the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP) .

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“The truth is, I am very happy to have finished the study that the university in San José Chiapa gave me. It is never too late to continue in life. Dreams come true ”, he commented.

Immediately, the images of the recently graduated grandfather went viral and he received thousands of congratulations and messages of encouragement from users from different corners of the country, recognizing his dedication and perseverance that augurs a bright and promising future for him.

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The grandfather attended the San José Chiapa Campus for five decades, attended ten semesters, borrowed a computer and had to learn to use technology to turn in his school work. He never missed a class, carried his supplies in a sack, maintained an average above 8.5, was an exemplary student and won the affection of his classmates and teachers.

“I asked God to allow me to live to fulfill my dream of finishing my university degree,” he said.

He was born in the city of PueblaHe is a widower and father of five children, one of them an engineer. Since the death of her beloved husband she has lived alone and before being a student, she made a living as a merchant selling chili peppers, onions, lemons and tomatoes in Tepeaca, Cholula and the Central de Abastos.

Don Felipe Espinosa worked a large part of his life as a peasant plowing through the fields under the inclement rays of the sun, he was also a worker in a factory and joined the Mexican Army in 1962.

The rector of the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla (BUAP), Alfonso Esparza Ortiz, dedicated an emotional congratulation to the octogenarian graduate through his social networks highlighting that after so much effort, sacrifices and discipline his great dream finally came true.

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