A worrying arsenal seized in Gatineau by the police

The individual arrested for having manufactured firearms with a 3D printer, Wednesday in Gatineau, had a worrying arsenal and the means to do “something terrible”, according to an expert.

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“There are two possible reasons for someone to have this in his residence, either he wanted to resell them, or he wanted to use them”, estimates Francis Langlois, specialist in firearms and associate researcher at the Observatory of the Raoul-Dandurand Chair.

After having searched the three and a half of Tobie Laurin Lépine from top to bottom, investigators from the Sûreté du Québec and the Gatineau police seized many incriminating objects.

In particular, three FGC-9 9 mm caliber semi-automatic rifles were found, one of which was fitted with a silencer.

“With that, you can empty a 30-round magazine in about 20 seconds.” It’s very fast and you can do a lot of damage, ”says Langlois.

A 22 caliber washbear 3D handgun, a homemade weapon for launching small shells, ammunition, two 3D printers, nine high capacity magazines (some of which had also been printed), several computers, parts and carcasses weapons were also seized at the scene.

All this will be submitted to an expertise at the Laboratory of Forensic Sciences and Forensic Medicine.

Plan violent

“It’s a lot of equipment for one person,” Langlois thinks.

Tobie Laurin Lépine is due back before the judge tomorrow to set a date for his release investigation. It is possible that other charges will be added to his case during his hearing.

Indeed, according to our sources, investigators are studying the hypothesis that the 34-year-old was planning a violent attack with part of his arsenal. We also do not rule out the idea that he sold his products on the dark web.

Workshop in his kitchen

Lépine, who made conspiratorial and radical remarks on his social networks, had erected a real craft workshop in his kitchen, according to what The newspaper could see Wednesday.

Several tools and wires were visible through the window of his apartment. A photo of the FGC-9 rifle was also displayed on one of his computers.

Contacted by The newspaper, his two brothers declined to comment, indicating that they no longer had contact with him.

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