A woman died after failing the equipment with which she did & quot; bungee jumping & quot;

The woman, mother of three minors, had experience in “bungee jumping”, or bungee jumping, but something went wrong with the equipment she used and the result was disastrous.

The woman had experience in this extreme sport, also called “bungee jumping”, but she had the wrong safety equipment that was supposed to contain her fall.

Yevgenia Leontyeva jumped from a height of more than 25 meters with the confidence of knowing what she was doing. What he never imagined was that the rope that should contain his fall was not properly secured to a tree or similar element, and that is why he crashed directly into the ground and then bounced and was dragged 3.6 meters down the wall of the building.

According to the Daily Mail site, Yevgenia, who was the mother of three children under the age of 14, did not die on the spot but was taken to a hospital where she was operated on.

The woman’s accident caused the horror of all those present, as can be seen in a video where she is seen taking the leap that was fatal.

In the recording, a man is heard saying “I love you” off camera, and you can see the moment when Yevgenia prepares to jump, with the harness and the safety rope in sight. However, something on your computer was misplaced or broken and that caused the accident.

It has not yet been confirmed what caused the episode, but if there is a legal person responsible, that person could receive a sentence of up to 40 years in prison. (Source: Minute One)

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