A violent fire ravages the Providence school in Templeuve

A very large deployment of firefighters is underway this Thursday morning around 4:10 am in the center of the village of Templeuve. In question: a vast fire which ravages the school of Providence (opposite the Aldi store).

No less than forty firefighters from six barracks (Tournai, Mouscron, Rebaix, Antoing, Estaimpuis and Leuze) are hard at work to save what can still be saved. Tankers were pouring in from all sides. At 4:45 am, no less than five tanks, three pumper and two auto-scales were already on site. Other teams and vehicles then arrived as reinforcements.

We do not deplore any injuries.

“This school is an L-shaped building, comprising a ground floor, an upper floor and an attic. Part of the establishment is older, the other has been renovated. which runs alongside the Templeuve football field. The football premises, nested in those of the school, were also affected. Despite the very significant resources in men and equipment that were deployed, the renovated wing has completely was destroyed. Around 6.30 am, we were in control. The origin of the fire has not yet been determined “, specified Major Gillet, who supervised the intervention.

Workers from the City of Tournai also came down to the scene to provide logistical assistance. The agents of the Tournaisis police zone, for their part, prohibited access to the site and diverted cars from the Place de Templeuve and from the football field.

The mayor of Tournai Paul-Olivier Delannois will provide a communal room so that the 150 children of this school with active pedagogy (Steiner) can be accommodated this Thursday morning.

At the time of this writing, the circumstances of this fire are unknown. We will come back to this later in the morning of Thursday.

A violent fire ravages the Providence school in Templeuve

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