A used syringe reused for vaccination in Evergem after a “bad joke”, a complaint will be filed

“A vaccinator did not follow the procedure and placed a used empty syringe next to the new one to make a bad joke. His colleague only noticed after putting the needle in the arm of another. child “, explained the mayor Joeri De Maertelaere. “An incomprehensible mistake on the part of people with a lot of experience.” More than 128,000 vaccines were administered without problem in this center and this is a one-off incident, the authorities insist. “We offer all our support to the child and his parents,” adds the mayor. “The vaccinators involved were immediately suspended.”

A blood sample was taken to monitor the child’s state of health and the possible medical consequences of this error.

A report was drawn up and sent to the prosecution, confirmed the mayor. Police have heard from those involved, but it is not yet clear what legal action these nurses are facing.

According to the bourgmestre, the parents of the child, an 11-year-old girl, indicated that they intended to lodge a complaint against these employees. They also risk disciplinary sanctions.

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