A tumultuous fight of Cubans queuing to buy chicken in Alamar

A tumultuous fight took place this Wednesday in the vicinity of the store of the 12-storey building in Zone 1 in Alamar, in the municipality of Habana del Este, where people waited their turn to buy chicken.

The violent altercation occurred in the morning, a source told CiberCuba, who also reported that, from the store, they tried to calm the crowd by speaking to them through loudspeakers, with warnings that they could be “required by the PNR authorities.”

Queue to buy chicken at Alamar. Photo: CiberCuba

The source commented that the fight began due to an argument between some individuals and spread until several people intervened. The queue was organized by tickets, which were handed out to people when they presented their respective supply books.

Queue in Alamar. Photo: CiberCuba.

“But that is always a candle,” he said, explaining that he did not know how much chicken they were selling per person or family nucleus. “In the corner of the house the same thing happens and that they also give tickets and it is for the notebook,” he said.

“But what’s up, a lot of people and little distribution,” lamented the source, who asked to maintain the condition of anonymity due to the application of sanctions such as those established in Decree Law 35, which aims to censor Cubans.

Similarly, he shared an image of another commercial establishment in Alamar where they were selling cigars. Around it, another agglomeration of people gathered, despite the indications to avoid infections due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Queue to buy cigars in Alamar. Photo: CiberCuba.

Similar scenes can be found daily throughout the country, several of them also trigger acts of violence amid the general shortage of food and basic necessities.

Last week, a video broadcast on social networks showed a group of Cubans facing beatings in a queue to buy chicken, practically the only meat consumed by ordinary citizens of the island.

By the end of 2020, another row in order to buy chicken in Havana It caused a massive brawl and several police patrols had to intervene to control the situation.

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