A tsunami that knocked out Alberto Fernández and puts the leadership of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner at risk

Not the most optimistic of the leaders of Together for Change he imagined such a beating. That is why the avalanche of votes knocked out the Front of All and anticipates an internal crisis that is very difficult to manage. The forcefulness of the tsunami took positions from all the shareholders of the ruling coalition.

“This was a wave across the country and needs an exclusive response from the National government as soon as possible ”, was heard last night in the bunker of the FTD. “We lost because of Alberto and his amateur environment ”, said a Baron from the GBA. “Fabiola’s party and the president’s stubbornness will cost us dearly, even with a view to 2023. In November the beating could be worse,” says a leader camporista.

As much as it is said in official sources that the president Alberto Fernandez he is the quarterback of the hard defeat, the concrete thing is that no reference of weight came out unscathed. Most of the FDT now he aimed against the Casa Rosada and the Olivosgate but neither could save the clothes. Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, as we had been anticipating in MDZ, puts the control of the Senate for mistakes made in closing lists. Axel Kicillof he also lost the plebiscite of his administration.

The image of defeat

Gabriel Katopodis, Minister of Public Works, was defeated in San Martín, a traditionally Peronist district. Sergio Massa he reconciled with Julio Zamora but they could not save the clothes and were defeated in Tigre by Juntos. Mayra Mendoza, the only territorial representative in the GBA of The CamporaNor did he get away from the wave against the ruling party. All lost, except for honorable exceptions. But with more reason they will seek responsibility in the head of state.

Last night they made him put his face and many say that you must react quickly to try to reverse the scenario for the general elections in November. “This forces a greater interference of Cristina, Maximum and Pulp in the management of the Government ”, they assure from the province of Buenos Aires. They are going to try to keep the head of Martin Guzman and of Santiago Cafiero. Will the president yield this time? Nobody knows for sure.

Cafiero and Guzmán, at the center of criticism.

The most serious thing about this looming crisis is that nothing assures them that the arrival of new players to the Ministry of Economy Yet the Chief of Cabinet oxygenate the administration of Alberto and generates a change of expectations. Has the time come for Pulp as super minister and Martín Redrado to the Palacio de Hacienda? If that was the course that I chose Cristina It is not clear what political margin they would have to turn to the center and moderate. The FDT it is an assembled family that shows more discrepancies than coincidences.

Some argue that vice president will not accept that turn or in any case it intends that it is tied to the beginning of the formal dialogue with the staff of JxC, an unlikely scenario before the general elections. There will be no predisposition because the ruling party does not generate trust and that supposed call would be perceived as an opportunistic attitude to buy time. Already did CFK in 2009 after the legislative defeat.

The disorientation and lack of political criteria of the ruling party is of such magnitude that no one saw the tsunami coming. At 6 p.m. in the Pink House they continued to trust an exit point that gave them 7 points in favor and with Victoria Tolosa Paz reaching almost 44% of the votes. A nonsense that at the same time was denied by the mayors of the suburbs. The blow left him more groggy. Front of All what to Let’s change on the PASO 2019. Especially since the current ruling party is not yet in the middle of its mandate.

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