A triumph that consolidates Rodolfo Suarez and gives birth to "suarism"

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Photo: Fernando Martinez

After getting a resounding triumph, that in the category of national Senators, where he appeared as a substitute candidate, was manifested with 43% for Cambia Mendoza, what generated 18% difference over the opposition of the Frente de Todos in these elections 2021, Suarez not only makes sure to maintain and even expand the supremacy that Cambia Mendoza currently has in the Legislature, it also goes one step further to install within that space, and even within radicalism, a new trend, “suarismo”.

In a mixture of modesty and application of the Cornejian theorem that maintains that “one governs as a team”, Suarez himself explained that does not understand politics “in personal terms”, and attributed the triumph to three key reasons: “It is a punishment vote (to the national government), it has to do with the candidates, we have two former governors on the lists and it has to do with the management“, he remarked without ceasing to emphasize that in these STEP it was achieved, even with a higher percentage endorsing what it did in these two years of government.

It is that, despite the impact that the pandemic could have on the fear of some voters who chose not to expose themselves and therefore did not go to the polls, or the inconvenience and delay in the votes generated by the zonda wind in some places, the front leading official Suarez even managed to surpass the results of the remembered legislative elections of 2017 when Alfredo Cornejo governed.

At that time, Mendoza changes – with the Democratic Party and the Civic Coalition within the front, something that did not happen in these elections because they joined Vamos Mendocinos- got 41.1% of the votes in the STEP, a triumph that in the general legislative elections of that year climbed to 45%.

But also, on his own merit and due to some situations that could influence the Mendoza vote, such as the dissemination of the image of the celebration of the first lady’s birthday in Olivos, something that according to pollsters had upset local voters, the ruling front also managed to widen that difference with the Frente de Todos, which before the elections was said to be between 10 and 15% and finally touched 18%.

In the PASO of 2017, that front called Somos Mendoza, achieved 33.2%, although that result fell by 8 points in the general legislative elections, where the PJ only achieved 25%.

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