A tourist died after drowning in the river in Santa Rosa de Calamcuhita

Thursday’s torrid afternoon with temperatures close to forty degrees was ideal to go to the river to cool off and look for a respite from the heat wave, but suddenly the central El Remanso beach resort on the banks of the Santa Rosa River in Calamcuhita became the scene of a tragedy, after a 55-year-old woman from Bell Ville who vacationed with her sisters, lost her life after drowning in the river bed.

According to the report, the police personnel established themselves on Roassenda street at the corner of Camino Provincial, where they found that a woman had suffered a decompensation while she was spending the afternoon in the river.

According to the first testimonies, the unfortunate woman told those who accompanied her that she had swallowed water, after which they gave her help to get out and once on the river coast, they called the emergency service, which gave first aid trying to revive her. .

After that, she was transferred to Eva Perón Hospital, where her death was finally reported. Now justice is investigating the fact that is classified as a death of doubtful etiology, until the conclusions of the autopsy determine the reliable causes of the death of the tourist

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