A subject raped his four daughters and said he was the boyfriend of one of them

Alejandro Rosario Manuel Leguizamón could receive a sentence of 50 years in prison for the rapes and abuses to which he reduced four of his daughters. The abuser had confessed that he was the boyfriend of one of his daughters and defended himself arguing that “it is not rape, it is incest.”

The Oral Criminal Court No. 1 of Morón, made up of its president, Judge Mariana Maldonado, and Judges Claudio Chaminade and Juan Carlos Uboldi, will announce next week the sentence that will fall on Leguizamón.

In the last week of the trial that took place in Castelar, Buenos Aires province, the defendant asked again to testify, but did nothing more than deny the humiliations of which his four daughters accuse him and attacked his ex-wife, whom he accused of act in complicity with the victims to harm him and stay with his membrane factory in General Pacheco. The only self-criticism Leguizamón made in the case was: “Sometimes I got out of hand.”

For his part, the prosecutor Pablo Masferrer asked that the highest penalty contemplated in the Penal Code be applied to the crimes of sexual abuse, repeated sexual abuse seriously outrageous for the victim -three facts-, sexual abuse with repeated carnal access -in nine opportunities-, all of them aggravated by having been committed by ascendant and by the pre-existing situation of coexistence, all actually competed with each other and in ideal competition with corruption aggravated by the violence exerted, the threats used and by being the ascendant perpetrator and Repeated cohabitant three times, all in a real contest with illegal possession of a weapon of war.

The attorney for the complainants, Yamil Castro Bianchi, agreed with the allegation and requested the same amount of penalty. During the debate there were two witnesses who confronted Leguizamón’s expressions, and who confirmed what was expressed by his daughters. On the one hand, one of his partners, who ratified what he had duly declared in the file. “He told me that he was dating his daughter, I told him to turn himself in and get treatment,” he said.

On the other hand, the wife of a factory employee, to whom the businessman had confessed that he was in a relationship with a girl, but with one detail: it was his daughter, and he had doubts if she was pregnant by him. She was the one who narrated that Leguizamón had told her that what he had with his daughter “is not rape, it is incest.”

That phrase was also written in a letter to Romina, one of his abused daughters. “I am in love with you and together we have to talk to your mother so that she can do therapy and accept it,” the accused wrote in a handwritten letter.

Evangelina, another of the girls who suffered the abuse, reflected: “We feel that this is only now the starting point to heal, to carry what we touched as a flag of struggle and to resignify it in that way.”

“We are always grateful to those who accompanied us and especially to our lawyer, who entrusted and took this cause on his shoulder. We hope that the sentence will be exemplary and that it will be an example for those who unfortunately have similar experiences and those who still do not dare to talk about it. It will be justice, “he concluded. (Minute One)

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