A strong message to the national government

The results of the PASO 2021 at the national level sent a message to the national government of disagreement of a large part of society with the country’s situation, beyond the coronavirus pandemic, which has clearly been an element that complicated shortly after starting the presidency from Alberto Fernandez. Anyway, still two months left for the legislative elections that will define the new national deputies and senators, so we have to wait to see if these numbers are ratified or not on November 14.

For now, yesterday the opposition coalition of Together for Change reaped excellent results in the most important districts of the country, which projects a panorama similar to that of 2017, when at that time Cambiemos achieved its best performance at the legislative level.

The ruling Frente de Todos should take note of this pronouncement at the polls and reformulate its way of reaching the electorate, while the national government will surely evaluate implementing some changes in the cabinet of ministers.

On the other hand, the PASO – fulfilling the objective for which they were created – also served to resolve internal struggles that arose both in government and opposition coalitions, and in various districts of the country.

On this level, the Frente de Todos settled dilemmas in provinces with a strong electoral flow, such as Santa Fe and Tucumán, in which the governors got involved by placing themselves as substitutes in the senatorial pre-candidacies, and they imposed themselves on their vice-governors, who signed up in pairs to compete for them.

Meanwhile, Together for Change had to define competencies in almost all the districts. In the city and province of Buenos Aires, the head of the Buenos Aires government and aspiring candidate for president Horacio Rodríguez Larreta received an endorsement with internal wins from the charts headed by Maria Eugenia Vidal and Diego Santilli. On Santa Fe there was a disputed election between candidates for senators of the PRO, in which the journalist prevailed Carolina Losada in front of the deputy Federico Angelini, Meanwhile in Córdoba Luis Judge prevailed over Mario Negri.

Beyond what happened yesterday, the ruling party was already clear that this renewal of senators will represent a decline in the bloc, since in most of the eight provinces that elect that category, the current situation was adverse. Anyway, we have to wait to see if with comebacks in a couple of provinces at least he gets the majority of 37 members of the Upper House.

As for the deputies, there the expectation now will be at least to sustain the performance of 2017, another year of defeat in the national balance. If successful, it could retain and perhaps add a member to its 120-member block. Now, after yesterday, the goal of getting closer to a quorum in the Lower House already seems like a chimera.

For the rest of the forces, the tendency to polarization continues to work against it. Beyond the very good performance of Libertad Avanza with Javier Milei in CABA, as the most important novelty, the efforts of sectors such as those that lead Florencio Randazzo (Let’s go with you) and Jose Luis Espert (Avanza Libertad), barely enough to aspire to obtain one or two places in the Chamber of Deputies, without a certain projection of growth, at least in the short term. The Left and Workers Front (FIT) harvested a little more than usual, allowing him to aspire to have a few more benches than usual.

One element to insist towards candidates in general is that the level of the debate be raised. That proposals are confronted that allow us to glimpse directions or models of the country, and not so much anymore photos of social gatherings that did not respect sanitary norms or loose phrases related to sex and other banalities and Chicanas. It would be a show of respect for citizens who want to know where this country can go.

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