A star is born: Ludwika Paleta’s son debuted as an actor

Nicholas Haza Palette He is 22 years old, he is the son of the Polish actress Ludwika Paleta and the Mexican director (in addition to being an actor) Plutarco Haza. Their firstborn lives up to the gifts of his parents and is making them proud. In addition, his work range includes his work as a filmmaker, singer and now, as was said, he will be an actor.

Ludwika Paleta, who made her talent explode in the Aztec country and thanks to that today she is recognized worldwide, she expressed herself before the imminent stardom of her son Nicolás: “I have been acting for 30 years, besides that it is my job, it is my passion and if Nico wishes continue doing the same thing that I do, I can only support him, applaud him”.

Ludwika and Nico together. Source: Instagram @ludwika_paleta

NicholasHe studied film career. In addition, he has launched himself as a singer with various singles of the urban genre. However, now he makes his debut as an actor and does so in soap operas, because he is part of the cast of the soap opera Los ricas Also Cry, where he plays Luis Alberto Salvatierra as a young man.

The same as Ludwika, did Plutarco, her ex-husband and father of the young man who admits that he is proud of the giant steps of Nicholas, who despite his young age, is consolidating a professional career with firm steps. “I feel very proud of everything about him,” he mentioned to People en Español a while ago. “It was very surprising because of the great talent that we saw him and that he has done all this alone. And how he handles himself in interviews, he is very clear about what he wants.”

Nico and Plutarco together. Source: Instagram @plutarcohaza.

Nicolás Haza, born and raised in Mexico like his father, he is recording his first appearance as an actor since last September and only time will tell if he decides to go down this path, return to music or work as a filmmaker. Or, perhaps, combine all your talents.


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