A sector of the PJ asked that the national senators leave the crack and fight for Portezuelo

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According to the Peronists of the Olascoaga group, Portezuelo del Viento is unfeasible because it was a work designed at a time when the Río Grande was much larger.

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What do the Peronists of the Olascoaga group say to the national senators

The members of the aforementioned group, exhort senators to represent the true interests of the province, which have to do with the lack of water and the urgent need for works to alleviate this situation.

“It is time for us to do what must be done, leaving aside all the political miseries that delay so much and that is why we urge those who represent us by popular mandate, to explain and demand, where appropriate, from the National Government, about the need and legitimacy that it continues to comply with the transfer of funds as it has been done to date”.

Later, they add that “It would not be good for the province if our representatives put this issue in the eternal crack that does us so much harm, since the inconvenience of carrying out the aforementioned work is given by the very serious problems we have with the scarcity of water, which as those who know say, in the future it will be worse”.

This decision to mark a position on the funds that the Nation must send to Mendoza, due to the lawsuit won against the National Government for the damages that the Industrial Promotion caused to the province, has to do with the fact that next week the deadline for that President Alberto Fernández issue an opinion on the prompt dispatch presented by the Governor of Mendoza Rodolfo Suárez regarding said funds.

Reasons for the infeasibility of Portezuelo del Viento

The truth, according to the members of the Olascoaga group, is that this work cannot be carried out, and for a specific reason: the flow of the Rio Grande is not sufficient for its construction and commissioning.

As explained in the issued document, currently and for 10 years the flow of the Rio Grande has decreased by 50% (source DGI) and the dam has been calculated with a water supply that not only no longer exists, but also will continue to decrease.

Finally, the members of this sector of Peronism argued that the Government of Alberto Fernández must understand that the causes of changing the destination of the funds are multiple. “Very probably the most important is the immense and dramatic decrease in the flow of our rivers, a phenomenon that has been called Megadrought, the largest in 620 years, science tells us. This makes the work projected in Portezuelo unfeasible, but the most The important thing is that it is a priority to prepare Mendoza for the consequences of this important phenomenon whose first signs we are beginning to experience,” they emphasized.

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