A second “Dalton” arrested after the mortar fire targeting the police

The hunt for “Daltons” continues. A second suspect was arrested in Lyon after mortar fire targeting the police. He was arrested this Thursday morning, reveals the prosecution. The day before, three individuals, dressed in black and yellow striped suits, took advantage of a demonstration against a live broadcast from the CNews television channel in the Guillotière district to attack the police from a distance.

A first suspect was arrested in the wake. His custody has been extended, indicates Nicolas Jacquet, public prosecutor of Lyon.

Instagram blocks videos

The “Daltons,” a group of rappers known to provoke police, released footage from the video on Thursday showing the three suspects firing mortars. They indicated that Instagram had blocked their live broadcast, while the collective had just announced that one of its members would “go directly to the police station to demand accountability.”

Three members are due in court on Friday for participating in an urban rodeo in October.

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