A raid for an assault allowed to clarify other robberies

Almost 23 thousand pesos in cash, which would be the product of the assault that a cigarette man suffered last weekend at the door of his house, were kidnapped by the Police during a raid that took place today in Fortinero at 1300.

Staff from the Seventh Police Station worked at the site, under an order from the Juvenile Guarantees Judge, Claudia Olivera.

Although the uniformed men went to clarify the fact that had occurred on Saturday night in the Cenci neighborhood, the procedure allowed to clarify other crimes and led to the apprehension, by cover-up, of Marcos Andrés Contreras Sanhueza, 34 years old.

Due to the fact of the cigarette, registered in Felipe Varela 1300 and in which two armed criminals acted, another raid had already been made in Pigüé at 2800 and the intervention of at least one minor had been established.

In Fortinero’s home, in addition, 4 ceramic boxes and electricity cables were seized, which had been stolen in the early hours of today in a construction site in De Angelis 1600 in Villa Floresta.

Those elements were recognized by their owner, such as those that had been taken out of a workshop after forcing a padlock.

A pump with a filter for a swimming pool, the Espa brand, was also seized, which was allegedly stolen in February from a property in the Los Chañares neighborhood.

Finally, they seized about 150 kilos of copper that were hidden, as well as electric tools, grinders, circular saws and drills whose provenance is being determined.

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