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Acorn TV just premiered the series created by and starring Sally Lindsay. We tell you what are the most striking elements of the British show.

The mysteries of Madame Blanc premiered on Acorn TV.

© Mark Cassar/Acorn TVThe mysteries of Madame Blanc premiered on Acorn TV.Rocio Sirimarco

If they are mystery series Acorn tv He has in his catalog a large number of options to see. Very recently it came out queens of mystery and this Thursday the platform surprises with another great premiere of a similar style. It is Madame Blanc Mysteries, a show that mixes various genres such as drama, suspense and, of course, with an interesting dose of humor. In spoilers, we tell you what’s different about this series and why it’s a great story to start enjoying.

Created by Sally Lindsay Yes Sue Vincent, the series follows the life of white jeans, an English expert in antiques who suddenly discovers that her husband has died in a terrible car accident in Sainte-Victoire, France. From Manchester, she travels to this flashy little French village, not only to pick up her husband’s belongings, but also to find out why he is now bankrupt. Thus, her mission will be to solve the mystery of her husband who awaits her. In this somewhat bizarre adventure, Jean meets people who will help him understand what happened to his partner and who will also become great allies.

One of the most interesting elements of The Mysteries of Madame Blanc antiques stand out, a universe that may have been little explored in television series. Jean is an antique dealer and will demonstrate all her knowledge in each of the episodes. Those who are drawn to this theme will surely see with good eyes how it is portrayed. This may be due to the fact that its creator, Sally Lindsay, is a true antiques enthusiast and has always been linked to this particular universe.

On the other hand, the series is based on a special combination of genres that make the story more and more captivating. We have a woman who has just lost her husband in a dramatic fashion and who is determined to find an answer to the tragedy. Jean is able to get to the bottom of things and even be surprised at what she can accomplish. All of this is always drawn under a sophisticated line of humor with characters who don’t hesitate to make us laugh with their occurrences.

At the same time, it is no less important to highlight the photographic work that has been carried out for this Acorn show. The Mysteries of Madame Blanc was filmed in malt Yes Joy, and perfectly presents us a beautiful traditional style villa which, although we instantly fall in love, also knows how to leave us a halo of mystery. Without a doubt, each of the scenes manages to transport almost in time and space to that place which, yes, is hiding something.

Just like in queens of mystery we saw a quartet of prominent women, The Mysteries of Madame Blanc continue on this path. Lindsay and Vicent shine as both creators and actresses. Lindsay is a brave, intelligent and stubborn woman who will do anything to understand what happened to her husband’s life, but also to understand who he really is. Her character is charismatic and achieves the empathy needed to connect with audiences, without a doubt. Meanwhile, Vincent adds a lot of humor to his character Gloria.

And in this same sense is Steve board, who plays Dom, a British taxi driver who lives in Sainte-Victoire few years ago. With your will and your kindness, you will become a unique companion for Jean on this journey. The chemistry between the actors is magnificent and they transmit a naturalness to the link.

The Mysteries of Madame Blanc a 6 episodes about an hour under the direction of Dermot Boyd, famous for Pleasant mountain, and it is a very good option for those who like to solve mysteries in the best style Christie Agathe. It’s fresh, funny and super entertaining. this side Thursday 13 January you can already see its first chapter in Acorn tv.

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