A new album from Neil Young on December 10th

(Toronto) Neil Young et Crazy Horse sortiront Barn, a new album they created while confined during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The legendary folk singer-songwriter has announced that the 10-track album, written and recorded in the past year, will be released on December 10.

Neil Young presented the first single on Wednesday, Song of the Seasons, through his “Neil Young Archives” website.

He specifies that this title, which also opens the album, is “the oldest song on the disc, written around this time last year” while he was in Canada.

Song of the Seasons, addresses the pandemic directly with lyrics that recognize physical distancing through clear vinyl windows and sanitary masks.

Neil Young told his fans last month that he wished that Barn is already available, but delays in the vinyl pressing plant have caused its release to be postponed.

“It contains songs that are part of our time,” he wrote on his website in September.

Other tracks on the album include Change Ain’t Never Gonna, Canerican, They Might Be Lost, Human Race and Tumblin’Thru the Years.

Barn marks the return of the Crazy Horse group which includes drummer Ralph Molina, bassist Billy Talbot and guitarist Nils Lofgren.

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