A mysterious donor paid the debt of a foundation that rescues stray animals: they owed almost 200 thousand pesos

A foundation that is dedicated to rescuing street animals was going through a critical financial situation that put it on the brink of closure, but a mysterious donor assumed the cost and paid the money necessary to pay off the debt.

“Little Street Ears”, the organization in question, is based in San Miguel de Tucumán and rescues street animals. The girls who created it provide assistance to dogs, cats, horses, pigeons and any other animal that is in a situation of abandonment.

The foundation’s debt was so great that the young women were forced to launch a campaign on social media to ask for donations. In detail, they owed $ 145,862 to two veterinarians and $ 41,000 to the pension in which they leave the animals that are not adopted, as they commented on their Instagram profile in early November.

“In the case of not being able to arrive with the numbers to pay off everything we owe, Orejitas Callejeras will come to an end. We give our lives and much more in each rescue, but we cannot alone,” they wrote in a post.

The publication in networks generated that hundreds of people collaborated with prizes to raffle and some contributions of money, and in the middle they received a particular message on Facebook: “One person asked us how much we owed and where each debt was; then he told us if we had seen ‘Los simuladores’, “Bárbara Artero, one of the founders, told the newspaper La Gaceta.

The young woman believed that it was a joke, but then added: “He told us to give him 24 hours and he did not answer again.” Sure enough, a mysterious man paid off his debts hours after that message reached them.

Bárbara Artero and Virginia Villalba are part of “Street ears”. (The Gazette)

“A tall man arrived, in a suit, well dressed. From a cardboard bag he took out all the money and paid the debt to Orejitas,” said the girl who served the counter of one of the veterinarians, with whom the foundation had the debt more important.

“I asked him his name to write it down and let the girls know but he told me he was not going to give it,” added Natalia, the local employee, who assured that the man “turned around and left” without saying anything else.

The same person appeared in the other two places and there also paid the debts. “For us it is a Street Ear fallen from heaven because we do not understand so much goodness,” Artero commented in dialogue with the aforementioned media.

“We count this because although in the networks we try to make the abandonment and bad things visible, it is also good that it is known that there are still good people,” he said.

Beyond the remarkable collaboration of the donor who took charge of paying the debts, more than 500 thousand pesos were also raised thanks to the donations of many other people, and from the foundation they are going to take advantage of the money to carry out a massive castration campaign .

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