A mayor exploded and asked his entire Cabinet to resign for the second time

Walther Marcolini, Mayor of Alvear, he asked his Cabinet resignation. The funny thing is that this is the second time that has happened since the beginning of the year. On this occasion, the situation would have been triggered by the drop in votes that Cambia Mendoza had in the elections legislative. While radicalism won, did not exceed 40% of the flow of votes. In addition, it was in the only commune where Change now (political space that competed in the PASO with Cambia Mendoza), won a seat.

From the Municipal Executive they have affirmed that the mayor will take until December 10 to evaluate the names of his officials and decide who continues to accompany him in the management.

Of the 5 stands that were renewed in the Deliberative Council, 3 were for Cambia Mendoza, 1 for the Front of All and 1 for the Federal Party. However, of those three seats, the last one came from the hand of Change now. The councilor elected by that political space is Adrián Caltabiano, who won the seat by 27 votes.

Faced with this situation that the Marcolini government is going through, Caltabiano took advantage of the opportunity and sent the mayor a note to make available to the technical teams of Change now to carry out a reformulation of the municipal organization chart.

Every crisis creates an opportunity“This is how the statement that the elected councilor of Change now He dedicated to the mayor and adds: “The current Organizational Chart, available on the Municipality’s website, informs that among Secretariats, Sub-Secretaries, Directorates, Advisors, Coordinations and Managers, the Municipality of General Alvear currently has 42 officials. amount must be added other departments, which are not listed on the website, such as the Road Court, the Departmental Traffic Police, the Metered Parking System, the Office of Driver’s License Issuance, among many others. A quick and simple calculation , shows that in the Department of General Alvear has 1 political official for every thousand inhabitants. ”

“A quick and simple calculation shows that the Department of General Alvear has one political official for every thousand inhabitants.”

To end, Adrián Caltabiano He stressed that the political sector must make an adjustment and said: “We also express that the mayor’s exclusive power is to choose his cabinet, in such a way as to assemble his work team with the people he considers most suitable and who enjoy his trust. Nevertheless, we make our technical teams available to develop a new municipal organization chart at the time of projecting the Municipal Tariff Ordinance and the Municipal Budget for the year 2022 “.

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