A man shot the front of the Los Andes field and warned: “See you on Tuesday”

A man filmed himself while firing several shots at the metal curtains where the administrative offices of the Los Andes club work, with a threat regarding what could happen this Tuesday, when the Lomas de Zamora team will receive Flandria for the First B (Third Division) of Argentine soccer.

Although there is not much information about the attack on the facade of the “Eduardo Gallard√≥n” stadium, residents of the place indicated that the episode occurred on Saturday night when a person approached the aforementioned place and fired the trigger several times.

The subject who shot in front of the court says the phrase “See you on Tuesday”, as a threat since Los Andes plays that day at 9:00 p.m. against Flandria with the presence of their public after a year and a half.

As it transpired, the violent act would be a threat to those who are currently leading the brave bar of the Lomas de Zamora entity and the aggressor would be a member of the faction of a fan who was leading and who is serving a sentence for murder.

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