A kid who had been shot while leaving a party died; Justice authorized the donation of his organs

Cristian Daniel Chanampá, 16 years old, who had been shot in the head last Saturday at the exit of a party, died in the last hours and the Justice authorized the ablation of his organs, because it was assured that the young man was a donor.

This event occurred in the west of the Buenos Aires suburbs and, for the case, the police officers managed to arrest one of the murderers. People in the area set fire to the suspect’s home and attacked the police who tried to control the situation. Two of the uniformed men were injured after being attacked with stones.

The judicial spokesmen revealed to cronica.com.ar that the adolescent lost his life in a health care center, where he remained hospitalized, brain dead and in an irreversible condition, having been shot in the skull last Saturday.

According to what was indicated by the informants, the Justice officials decided to authorize the ablation of her organs, since the victim was a donor.

The incident occurred on October 9, at the intersection of Bahía Blanca and Mariano Acosta, in González Catán, when the boy was injured as a result of a street dispute that is claimed to have occurred at the end of a party.

Chanampá was helped by his family, who took him to the Simply Evita Hospital, located in González Catán.

Doctors from the health center verified that the patient had received a bullet in the front and that this project had not caused an exit hole.

Thanks to the various data obtained in the scene of the altercation, the public servants assigned to the Villa Dorrego police station arrested, in the Buenos Aires town of Virrey del Pino, a 29-year-old individual, who is indicated as one of those responsible for the murder.

Meanwhile, around 60 people went to the farm where the murderer resided, located in Mariano Acosta at 6800, in Villa Dorrego, and set the home on fire.

As a result of these incidents, several members of the Patrol Command (CP) tried to control the situation, but were attacked with stones, which caused the sergeant to Yamila Machado was injured on the scalp and that the officer Alexander Kidron suffered a wound in one of the arms.

Authorities of the Superintendency of Security of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) of the West Zone were in charge of supervising the different procedures

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