A key figure for the future of Judge Walter Bento was in Mendoza

The national deputy Vanesa Siley He is a member of the Magistracy Council and is part of the Discipline and Accusation Commission that has to define the future of the federal judge Walter Bento. The national legislator arrived this week in the province of Mendoza but did so for reasons unrelated to the request for the dismissal of the magistrate and was accompanied by referents from the Frente de Todos such as deputy Marisa Uceda.

The Magistracy Council has not yet resolved the case Bento and until that happens, the magistrate accused of illicit enrichment, bribery, money laundering and the presumed leader of an illicit association will continue to head Federal Court 1 and with electoral competence. Despite the requests of the PRO deputy Pablo Tonelli In order to speed up the resolution of the process, given its urgency, there have not yet been specific definitions.

Federal Judge Walter Bento is on trial but continues to practice.

The resolution depends on the Discipline and Accusation Commission in which the deputy sits Vanessa Siley. This Tuesday Siley visited the province of Mendoza but his arrival was not linked to the case that shakes the Federal Justice. In reality, the reason was the development of a union meeting to coordinate details of the October 17 celebration.

With that plan, Siley arrived on Mendoza soil and accompanied by referents from the Frente de Todos such as Deputy Uceda and provincial legislator Marcelo Aparicio -among others- participated in an act at La Bancaria. In that event, the workers declared essential during the pandemic were recognized.

Marisa Uceda, Vanesa Siley and Tina Morán.

“Thank you Vanesa Siley for your visit to La Bancaria Mendoza and for bringing us the recognition of the Chamber of Deputies to the essential workers who put our body and soul during the pandemic,” said the head of Banking Sergio Omar Giménez.


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