"A group of savages": the request for help by the boy attacked for defending a young woman

“He and his friends wanted to defend a girl they were abusing”said the woman, very concerned about the health of her son.

The young man was treated first at the Central Hospital and then he was taken to the Cuyo Clinic where he was intubated.

“He has a skull fracture, jaw, bumps, bruises. He has something in his lungs.”The woman explained to El Siete and added that “there have been many who beat them. They were all men, between ten and fifteen.”

violence in mendoza beating in lujan 2.jpg

In addition to Moisés, the assailants injured several of his friends and threatened a girl who wanted to take the license number of one of the cars in which the assailants were driving, which would be between ten and fifteen.

Thus, the mother of the attacked young man He asked that if someone knows something, report it to the Justice: “I ask people to collaborate. Tomorrow he could be anyone’s son, it is vandalism, it is savagery, a very difficult situation to accept.”

The case

Moisés Agustín Pérez was brutally beaten with stones on his head in Luján at dawn this Monday. It all happened after a party on the Pan-American Route, near the roundabout of the snails.

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The young man saw how a girl was attacked and came to her defense. At least ten people came up to him and attacked him, in an act of savagery and cowardice.

Researchers look for all possible data to identify the 10 people that they attacked him and his friends who took refuge inside a truck, which was also attacked with stones.

The clue that they follow is that they would have escaped in a gray car, from which they took the patents so that no one could take it and identify them.

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