A grandiose celebration in Normandy for the 1000 years of William the Conqueror, Hervé Morin promises

For the millennium of William the Conqueror, Hervé Morin promises festivities throughout Normandy. (© Mathieu Girard / Liberty Caen)

To evolve the image of Normandy too often reduced to cows and Mont Saint Michel in many places in the world, Herve Morin blurted out during his visit to the Dubai World Expo that the region will organize a very big event with international repercussions.

“The idea had been running through my head for a while, but I had to find a date, something that was meaningful enough. “

A conquering Normandy

The date chosen? That of millennium of William the Conqueror born in all likelihood in 1027. “With this major event, I want to correct the image we sometimes have of us. And to think that from Guillaume’s roots was born a powerful, innovative and proud region. A conquering Normandy… ”

The event is already scheduled for 2027. Date which will coincide with the last months of his term as head of the region. “A sort of apotheosis outing,” laughs Hervé Morin.

A year of work before going to seek funds

The services of the Region have already been briefed. We must still define the contours of the event that the president wants grandiose. It will be necessary to write the scenario of these festivities which will be linked to the four corners of the region.

To put the idea to music, the Region will have to join forces with partners to finance the event. As Le Havre did for its 500th anniversary. “The fundraising will be substantial and long. Before that, there was at least a year of work to refine the project, ”concludes Hervé Morin.

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