A god apart: he got into the wrong direction, dodged a truck and crashed into a chapel

A 55-year-old motorist suffered a cut injury and caused extensive damage to the Ford Focus he was driving and to the courtyard of a chapel when he was involved in a crash in the city of San Lorenzo.

The violent impact occurred around 10.15 am in Moreno al 1000, a few meters from the end of Presidente Roca street. The black Ford Focus collided with the backyard fence and barbecue area of ​​Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal Chapel.

As the driver told his relatives, he did not observe the sign in the opposite direction in the previous block, he dodged a truck that crossed him and from the abrupt maneuver he crashed the Ford Focus into the rear of the hood.

Despite the fact that the airbags were activated due to the brutality of the impact, the motorist from San Lorenzo hit his forehead against the windshield and suffered a cutting wound, for which he was treated and transferred by an ambulance from Sies to the Granaderos provincial hospital in Horse.

Also traveling in the Ford Focus was a poodle breed dog that had to be taken to a veterinarian after the terrible crash, relatives of the injured driver confided.

The car ended up with the trunk and the engine destroyed, as well as the gate and the barbecue area of ​​the religious temple of San Lorenzo.

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