A gang that sold stolen cars with adulterated papers fell

Eight people were arrested after a series of raids in Corrientes, Buenos Aires and Santa Fe, and a criminal organization that sold stolen vehicles and falsified documentation was disrupted.

It was an investigation by the Automotive Crimes Investigation Division, an investigation by the Argentine Federal Police, who raided a house located on 1600 Lavalle Street in the capital of Corrientes, where two men and a woman were arrested.

They are accused of “the sale of vehicles of illicit origin with adulterated registration numbers and apocryphal documentation,” said the PFA.

The other procedures were in the Buenos Aires cities of Quilmes, Avellaneda and Pilar, as well as in Santa Fe, they specified.

The investigation began after the sale of a 4×4 truck by Mercado Libre in 2019, when one of those involved, through a scam, made the sale and fled with the money. Later, it was found that this vehicle had adulterated registration and domain numbers, and the documentation was apocryphal.

Consequently, it was established that the gang was dedicated to obtaining stolen vehicles, adulterating their registration numbers and then introducing them into the legal market through different scams.

Given the fact, the Federal Criminal and Correctional Court No. 2 of San Martín, headed by Alicia Vence, Secretariat No. 4 of Leonardo Javier García, ordered five raids carried out in the Quilmes, Avellaneda and Pilar districts, in the General department López in the province of Santa Fe and in the capital of Corrientes.

During the operations, 8 people were identified, among them lawyers, managers and merchants, who were found to be involved in the commercialization of vehicles of illicit origin.

Likewise, three vans, a car, four motorcycles, two quadricycles, five cell phones, a notebook, an iPad, a large amount of automotive documentation, 300 clutch plates, 240 discs, 82,500 pesos, 7,668 dollars, 410 euros and other elements of interest to the cause.

Those identified, six men and two women, along with the kidnapped elements, were left at the disposal of the examining magistrate.

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