A fortune! The price of the luxurious van in which Wanda Nara and Zaira drive through Paris


Of course it is not the same price for its Platinum version. This model exceeds 100,000 dollars and its price increases as luxury details such as leather interiors and technological upgrades are added to the vehicle.

Among the comforts of the vehicle, it has a last seat that can be shortened or widened depending on the number of passengers traveling. In addition, it has a curved led screen where you can follow the path through Google Maps and a AKG Studio 19-speaker sound system.

The more expensive versions have rear camera, night vision, screens on the headrests and up parking assistant.

wanda autoo.jpg

Days before, it came to light how much Wanda Nara pays in the exclusive institute that her children attend.

It was Cora de Barbieri who gave details of the life of the Nara-Icardi family in the city of lights. “Summer is over in Europe, the boys returned to school and Wanda’s children also started classes there, in France. We are seeing the images with the uniform and who was also able to accompany them is Zaira, who at that time was still there “said the panelist in Pampita Online.


“This institution It is the oldest in that country and children of 36 different nationalities attend, to give you an idea. And it has three gyms for sports activities, a theater, a music room, art room, dining room, computer room. It has large gardens, it has a chapel, because it is a Catholic school … But the most important thing has to do with how much each of Wanda’s children are paying to attend this place., which is not the same school that the Messi chose ”, he said.

“To access the institution you have 1500 euros; now, if the student is not admitted, they do not return those 1500 euros, you already left them there … Then you have two payments that have to do with exams; one of 11000 and another of 750 euros, which have to do with annual enrollment, “he said.


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