A doctor from the Frente de Todos and a doctor from the Progressive Front won in Funes and San Lorenzo

“We are very happy and grateful for this great vote. We reap what we have sown during this time of management, the neighbors chose to accompany this great political project that is changing their quality of life. From now on, together with Gabriela, we will triple our efforts to continue showing that we are the best option to govern Funes, ”said the mayor, Roly Santacroce.


San Lorenzo. The indent Leonardo Raimundo celebrates with the surgeon Gustavo Oggero.

And Gustavo Oggero, who works at the Hospital Granaderos a Caballo, in San Lorenzo, obtained an overwhelming victory in the intern of the Civic and Social Progressive Front, with more than twice the number of votes than Esteban Arico, the winner of the intern of the Frente de Everybody.

“The residents of San Lorenzo continue to bet on a model of a modern city, thriving and with permanent work,” said Mayor Leonardo Raimundo.

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