A detainee for violent robbery in a Santiago building: video captured the escape of his accomplice

A man was arrested after he starred in a robbery inside a building, all this last night on Portugal Street in Santiago. Police officials were on the scene for a series of robberies that have affected neighbors. The detainee’s partner, meanwhile, managed to escape.

Carabineros detained a person for the violent robbery suffered by a resident of a building in the heart of Santiago. Police officers were at the reception of the building, investigating a series of similar assaults to other tenants when they encountered the thieves, one of whom managed to flee.

Everything happened last night in Portugal between Coquimbo and Porvenir. A woman had given the information to a supposed friend about selling some cell phones Therefore, via telephone and WhatsApp, the visit of a couple was coordinated and specified for the subsequent purchase of the equipment.

Thus, two men arrived with the excuse of buying the telephones, who went up to the apartment and with Firearms they intimidated the woman.

In the place a struggle was generated, where those responsible demanded species of value at all times, a scenario in which the victim resulted in a head injury product of the blow with a firearm.

The victim herself pointed out that even those responsible they turned up the volume of a television to prevent the residents of the building from hearing his cries for help.

After a few minutes, the neighbors ran to help, which caused those responsible to flee quickly down the stairs from the 16th floor.

Upon reaching the first floor, they met officials from the SIP of Carabineros who had come to the scene to investigate a series of robberies in the same building.

This allowed one of them to be arrested. The other involved, meanwhile, broke a window with a flower pot to avoid being arrested.

When he fled, he fired one shot into the building and another into the air, without it being known for the moment whether he used a real or fantasy weapon. This was confirmed by one of the neighbors.

Meanwhile, Captain Remsy Parra de Carabineros detailed how the capture occurred.

The detainee was transferred to a police station, where the records were handed over to the Public Ministry. According to the residents themselves, only yesterday in the building were registered two other robberies.

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