“A decade without Facundo, a decade without Justice”: the campaign to remember the "Blond of the Passage"

Next February 19 will be the tenth anniversary of the disappearance of Facundo Rivera Alegre, known as “El Rubio del Pasaje.” In this context, the photographic campaign called “A decade without Facundo, a decade without Justice” was launched.

“The idea arose to make the struggle visible, raise awareness and refresh memory”, Viviana Alegre, Facundo’s mother, in dialogue with La Nueva Mañana. The proposal consists of summoning the community to take personal photos (selfies) with their hands in front of them, in whose palms the slogan of the campaign can be read: “A decade without Facundo” and “A decade without Justice”.

A questioned investigation, a trial and a conviction without the body

After many years of searching and the tireless claim of Facundo’s mother, finally in August 2015, the 11th Crime Chamber of Córdoba sentenced Pablo Rearte, 31, to 12 years in prison for the crime of “doubly aggravated homicide”. for the use of a firearm and for the intervention of a minor under 18 years of age”.

The court’s hypothesis, later confirmed by the Superior Court of Justice, was that Facundo Rivera Alegre was murdered by a minor, shot at close range, in the middle of an argument over drug purchase. However, his body was never found.

To this day, Viviana Alegre maintains that there was complicity of the Police and the Judiciary in the crime and its cover-up. At first, it was denounced that the body of Facundo Rivera Alegre had been cremated, for which a municipal employee was charged with concealment.

Facundo Rivera Alegre had gone to a recital by the cuartetero Damián Córdoba in February 2012 and never appeared again.  Photo: Minute One
Facundo Rivera Alegre had gone to a recital by the cuartetero Damián Córdoba in February 2012 and never appeared again. Photo: Minute One

Last year, the province’s Attorney General informed Viviana Alegre that although the trial is over, the investigation into Facundo’s disappearance is not closed. “The fact is they don’t look for it,” said the mom.

Over the years, Viviana Alegre has received numerous supports from human rights organizations and various organizations and personalities. Currently, it has a legal team and the accompaniment of Vanesa Orieta, the sister of Luciano Arruga, a young man who disappeared in Buenos Aires; Pablo Pimentel of the Permanent Assembly for Human Rights (APDH) of La Matanza; and an expert who trains dogs to search for people.

“We have also been contacted by Amnesty International, because the search must continue. They have searched far above, supporting and covering up the political, police, judicial and civil powers that are accomplices and responsible,” Viviana told La Nueva Mañana.

An anniversary crossed by mixed feelings

Ten years after Facundo’s disappearance, Viviana said that she has mixed feelings: “That way it makes you want to stop, it exhausts you, it tires you, you see that it is not just Facundo’s case”, but that there are many disappeared in democracy. And on the other hand, she noted with satisfaction that her son’s story reached the National Library at the hands of the Cervantes National Theater with the play “La illusion del Rubio” (written by Santiago San Paulo, directed by Gastón Marioni and with the performance by Martín Slipak) and at the same time, among other anecdotes, it makes her sad to remember the last birthday she shared with her son, a month before his disappearance.

About everything that she lived in this decade, in the tireless search that only a mother can give, she maintained that she learned that “the fight is long. At the time, I put aside everything, even my health. I had cancer, I managed to get out, although I am always taken care of and controlled because it can reappear. I learned to enjoy my other children and my granddaughters. Dedicate myself to work. I am a piano teacher, I write a lot. I signed up for another career. You don’t just have to give priority to physical health , but also to mental health; because the fight is going to continue with ups and downs, as it has been until now,” he said.

“I met people that I would love to have met in other circumstances, from whom I learn; mothers, relatives; colleagues from social, cultural, academic spaces, who teach me day by day that the fight must continue until Facundo is found. And that’s where it will start another process”, concluded Viviana.

Those who wish to participate in the campaign should send their photos via Whatsapp to the phone numbers 2664029641 and 3513958469, or by private message to the Facebook and Instagram pages “Without Facundo There Is No Justice.”

Source: The New Morning

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