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The book Colombia on the grill shows that it is possible to integrate recipes such as a chicharrón ceviche, in which the pork rind has been grilled (better if it is a barrel rotisserie), and serve it with onions and citrus fruits as a ceviche as an unexpected dish in one of the the most common rituals that Colombian families celebrate.

Cover of the book Colombia on the grill.

Meats.  Grilled Colombia Book

An excellent barbecue begins with the purchase of the meat.

Instead, pink is a good indicator for pork and chicken. She quickly talks about details that will have a big effect in the end: like keeping it in the fridge, the convenience of using marinades or marinades, and how and when to defrost.

Creole potatoes - l

Creole potatoes gratin in pear cheese from the book ‘Colombia on the grill’.

They weren’t looking to make the same old ribs (the ones in this book have homemade guava BBQ), and the beef ribeye has an infrequent mango chop. It is valid to believe that no barbecue made in Colombia integrates the making of a grilled chocolate cookie. And this recipe is perhaps the one that breaks with the conventional. It also offers different options of sauces and snacks with the flagship fruits of the country at the service of an unforgettable barbecue.

The great premise is that everything was made with local ingredients and with clear instructions on how to best make each preparation according to the type of grill (gas, wood, barrel or rods) that you have at home.

This useful book is only sold in supermarkets.

2. When a meat is marinated, it should be left in the fridge for a while and removed for an hour before putting it on the fire. Do not reuse the liquids that are left over after removing the meat.

3. As for beef, the recommended salt is coarse sea salt. This must go to the meat before cooking so that the crystals penetrate it and enhance its natural flavor.

5. If you decide on firewood, it must be dry. Do not use painted woods.

6. The first thing, before starting with the embers, is to prepare preparations such as sauces, avocado salad, hogaos and other preparations such as yuccas or potatoes.

7. In certain cooking it is advisable to use banana leaves; for example, in a recipe for mojarra in the book. But, if you don’t have this sheet, you can use aluminum foil.

8. Among the tips for making roasted bananas with cheese and sandwiches unforgettable – an essential hallmark of our roasts – the book suggests adding brown sugar grated and cinnamon. They will give an interesting twist to its flavor.

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