85 percent discount: VPN deals on Black Friday

Good reasons for your own VPN service

A Virtual private network (short: VPN) has several advantages and is no longer only of interest to IT nerds: It secures Internet access – for example, if you frequently surf at public WiFi hotspots. You can also use it to use services that are protected by so-called geoblocks, such as Netflix streaming content from other countries. There are many VPN providers. How good the individual VPN services are is regularly examined by CHIP in comparative tests.

Just in time for Black Friday, there are some interesting discount campaigns and advantageous reductions that bring with them some good deals. CHIP test winner NordVPN, for example, offers his Two-year package 74 percent cheaper at. Competitor CyberGhost even offers 85 percent savings: There 24 months cost 49.40 euros and there are three months free on top of that. The offer is definitely worth it here. In our Black Friday coverage, we provide you with a complete overview of all offers and deals from numerous retailers.

VPN is also included in the Avira Prime all-on-one package. This is currently available at a trial price of 0.95 euros for three months – and, in addition to VPN, includes virus protection, PC cleaner and password manager. After the period, the monthly price increases to 9.95 euros, although you can cancel at any time.

Speaking of quitting: The following offers are subscriptions that often become more expensive after the specified period. It is therefore essential to keep an eye on the term and any notice periods.

Virtual private network, real savings

There is a golden rule for VPN services: The premium services cost money, but the competition between the providers is so great that it is practical more or less rich discounts all year round receives. The official prices are really only on paper – all you have to do is do a little research on the market.

at Discounts of over 80 percent It is definitely worth comparing the VPN offers. Anyone who has found the right service for themselves should think about a long-term commitment. Because then savings due to the falling monthly price will only be clearly noticeable.

In addition to the right VPN services for Firefox and Chrome and for MacOS we also introduce how to set up a VPN on Windows computers.

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