8 sex positions even more pleasurable with a sex toy

Bringing the sex toy under the duvet does not sign the end of a relationship, quite the contrary. Far from being a symbol of solitary or selfish pleasure, it is also not an intimidating gadget that takes the place of your partner. On the contrary, more and more couples are learning to introduce sex toys into their sexual practices and are discovering their qualities. Here are our tips for combining accessories and ecstasy for two.

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The best positions with a sex toy

After Christmas, you may have received a toy at the foot of the tree and you wonder how to enjoy it with your partner? Because if it is easier to innovate alone, it is not easy to introduce your latest Womanizer during a missionary. To multiply the pleasures and fully enjoy your sex toys, some Kamasutra positions are much more practical than others. They free your hands to stimulate all areas of your body, bring you closer to your partner, make your movements more fluid… in short, they make you want to spend hours frolicking and draining the battery of your favorite sex toy.

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