7 thousand 95 figures Funko Pop; Guinness World Record

UNITED STATES.-Have a collection of figures Funko Pop, is a hobby that has gone viral in various parts of the world. This could be due to their compact size, ease of acquisition, affordability and their great variety of characters to choose from.

David Mebane, is an American whom the institution “World Guinness Records”, gave him his place in the World Records book as the biggest collector of Funko Pop figures.

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By the time he was interviewed and presented with this award in May of last year, David had 7 thousand 95 Funko figures, surpassing by two thousand figures above former title holder Paul Scardino.

Collecting toys for 25 years

David told the institution that he collects toys for 25 years and when the funkos appeared in 2014 for him it was a natural transition start collecting them.

Within his collection, in addition to the classic figures, he has also acquired the funko sodas, 18-inch and special edition funkos, among other products of this brand.

His journey in the collection of these dolls began eight years, being his first figure that of the mythical horror character Jason Voorhees, which belongs to the Friday the 13th film series.

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