5 women arrested in several robberies in Torreón

In different events, elements of the Torreón Public Security Directorate detained five women for trying to extract items from various shopping centers. The merchandise adds up to the amount of $ 16 thousand 589.

In the supermarket located on the Torreón-San Pedro highway, in the La Unión ejido, the security personnel of the place detected a woman, who identified herself as Verónica, who took various items with a total value of 1,272 pesos, which she hid among your clothes and then go to the checkout line and pass it without making the payment.

In a commercial premises located on Calle Múzquiz, in the Centro area, a woman identified as Martha seized various cosmetics with a total value of 4,457 pesos, which she hid in a yellow bag and also tried to leave the establishment without paying for them.

Two other women, named Liliana and Sanjuana, were surprised in the supermarket located on Torreón-Matamoros boulevard, after they took 16 items of clothing with a total value of 3,564 and hid them in a bag and then tried to leave the place.

Finally, the municipal police officers went to the supermarket located on Independencia Boulevard in the El Fresno neighborhood and proceeded to seize Viridiana, who entered a shopping center, took a stroller, placed items with a total value of 7,296 pesos and tried to go over the line of boxes without making the corresponding payment.

The detainees were placed at the disposal of the Public Ministry of the Common Jurisdiction.

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