5 video game space operas that we want to see adapted like Mass Effect

And Mass Effect will be entitled to a series on Amazon Prime, it is time to highlight other video game space operas that deserve an adaptation.

As Netflix has increasingly turned to serial adaptations of big names in video games (as our review ofArcane), Amazon Prime Video would have drawn the checkbook first for one of the greatest sci-fi sagas in the tenth art: Mass Effect.

While adapting the adventures of Commander Shepard and his crew doesn’t seem like an easy task, it makes sense to see such a franchise come full circle, and return to its own cinematic inspirations, namely Star Wars and Star Trek.

However, Mass Effect is far from being the only major space opera in video games, and this is why we have precisely selected five titles that would deserve just as much to go through the large or small screen box.

Faces full of life

1. Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic

Let’s start with the obvious. Before creating the universe of Mass Effect, the BioWare studio was able to produce a magnificent prototype via the cult universe of George Lucas. Today considered one of the best games based on Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic is an RPG that immerses us 4000 years before the advent of the Empire. This distance from the cinematographic saga allowed him to dare everything, as much in terms of designs as elements of narration.

Thereby, DIRTY has established itself over time as one of the most inventive parts of the lore of Star Wars, in particular in its relation to the spirituality of the Force, and to the dangerousness of the Dark Side. Yes Lucasfilm fans have long been clamoring for an adaptation, some rumors let hope for the best. In any case, whether it is a faithful transcription of the events of the game, or just a new creation in its teeming universe, we can only be delighted. And please, ask Keanu Reeves to play the mythical Darth Revan!

Star Wars : Knight of the Old Republic : photoThe classiest!

2. Starcraft

And Warcraft had the right to a film adaptation, we do not really see why its science-fictional counterpart would be deprived of it. Real-time strategy game pioneer, StarCraft is best known today for its incredible richness of gameplay, perfectly tamed by professional gamers able to think faster than a computer.

But precisely, a film or a series on the war between Terrans, Zergs and Protoss Would it not be an opportunity to return to the fundamentals of the franchise, and to its world much less pretext than it seems? Would we even dare to say that with its three distinct races, their personal ideologies and their quest for survival, an extended account of StarCraft could give an exciting adaptation, pulling its viewer between several camps, as in the heyday of Game of Thrones.

StarCraft : photoThe art of War

3. Eve Online

In 2014, a default on the part of a player ofEve Online spawned in its wake a war for control of a system. This major event, now known as the “Bloodbath”, brought nearly 7,500 people to an epic battle between spaceships, all for more than 21 hours.

Completely unforeseen, this important page of the game showed how Eve Online upset the MMORPG with its sandbox dimension. A priori, it may seem difficult to adapt such data, but it would be fascinating if a film or a series could do justice to the complexity of a universe entirely shaped by the players, from its businesses to its politics through his plots.

With its 7,800 planetary systems that can be visited, Eve Online has no shortage of options for a good script. But wouldn’t it be fascinating to see a work of fiction being written around events shaped by its community? After all, MMO players put it back with The M2-XFE massacre, two close battles in late 2020 and early 2021, which this time brought together an even more massive fleet, bringing together 13,000 players.

Eve Online : photoI think it lacks ships …

4. Warframe

While it is undeniably a niche game despite its success, Warframe has never ceased to fascinate its followers. It must be said that its free-to-play dimension and its nervous gameplay have undoubtedly helped. The players embody Tenno, humans with powers and fighting with futuristic armor in a solar system torn between several factions. From a race of clones to a wealthy corporation, including those infected with a mysterious virus, there is something for everyone, just to offer everyone a sufficiently exciting universe to make you want to stay there.

But what excites in the first place with Warframe, it is the mobility of our avatar, using all the resources at his disposal to overcome waves of increasingly numerous enemies. Suffice to say that with a good filmmaker at the helm, An adaptation could result in a great action movie ultra-stylish.

Warframe : photoStylish guns and armor … what are the people asking for?

5. Lylat Wars

If the saga Star Fox debuted on Super Nintendo with Star Wing, it’s good with his suite, Lylat Wars, that the adventures of Fox McCloud have imposed themselves among the classics of the Japanese firm. This Nintendo 64 staple not only offered a rail shooter in a cult spaceship, but also opened up a few areas to the delight of budding pilots.

Lylat Wars : photoA little bit of polish of the graphics would not be refused

Moreover, despite its cute appearance and its animal-headed characters, Lylat Wars is not without having a developed plot, which it could therefore be interesting todeepen through an animated film. Given that Nintendo is in the process of working on a feature film dedicated to Mario, we hope that Star Fox is part of his list of projects to consider in case of success.

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