5 monsters we want to see in the Netflix series

After two successful seasons on Netflix, The Witcher will return for a third. Here are the monsters we want to see against Geralt of Rivia in this sequel.

After gently earning his stripes in fantasy literature and shaking the world of video games, Geralt de Riv landed as an authentic one-man-army in the world of series on Netflix, with insolent success. The second season of The Witcher has settled into the top of the most watched series of all time, and showrunner Lauren S. Hissrich has already confirmed the start of a third season for the Witcher saga.

Magic, love, conspiracy, axes that pierce armor, a bit of sex and a white wig, the list of ingredients of The Witcher makes it the perfect cocktail for hypnotic binge watching. But the recipe would be incomplete without some dirty critters and other evil spirits. Because what would be The Witcher without his monsters? A Tokyo without Godzilla? Paris without its electric scooters?

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In the medieval fantasy world of the Witcher, you have to survive well, and between two horseback rides on the continent, Geralt earns his crust by derinding dirty and nasty creatures, but not only. If the clashes against these monsters had a taste of too little in season 1, with a strange feeling à la Hercule/Xena, the series has earned its epic stripes in its second burst of episodes, with a bestiary that has come to grow for ever more adrenaline and repugnance.

After the Myriapode, Léchi, Bruxa and Basil, the Netflix series can count on the formidable bestiary at its disposal in the books of Andrzej Sapkowski or the games of CD Projekt RED in order to give Henry “Geralt” Cavill a hard time. Here are some monsters we hope to see go to the sword of Kaer Morhen’s most badass Witcher.

The Witcher : photo, The WitcherFbetter go to the coal to earn a living

5 – The Griffin

Certainly one of the iconic monsters of the saga The Witcher, the Griffon was for many players the first contact with the fauna of The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt. Ferocious creature that attacks herds and humans, and more so, it has the body, legs and tail of a lion, while its head, wings and talons are those of an eagle . The confrontation between Geralt and this animal constitutes one of the first great highlights of the video game, putting the players to the test in a spectacular air and land battle.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photoTHEméchoui pereration

It is not a new monster created for the Witcher saga, since it is found in Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman mythologies and in the West until the Renaissance on the coats of arms of noble families, and even in the wizard with glasses that everyone knows with the Gryffindor house. The saga presents a few variations on the theme of the Griffon, with the Archigriffon, the Royal Griffon and the Opinicus, an even more furious version that will have made more than one player cry.

A fight between the Griffon and Geralt would bring a real breath of fresh air to the fights of the Netflix series by bringing an unprecedented verticality, where the Witcher and his enemies are far too often nailed to the ground. Seeing the beast fly away and then swoop down, scraping the ground with its sharp claws in order to grab Geralt would be a great moment for sure.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photo

Expert level falconry

4 – The Ghosts

Haunting cemeteries and crypts, specters are an important part of the fantastic bestiary. Often linked to a particular place or person, these ghostly beings are most of the time condemned to wander the earth due to an unfinished task that they could not accomplish during their lifetime. It can also be living beings transformed into spectral entities as a result of a curse.

First appeared in The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings, the specters are actually a large family: the banshees, whose howl is capable of waking the dead and stunning its opponents, the barghestes, a kind of ghostly dogs thirsty for revenge, and especially the noon specters, deceased human beings following a curse cast at noon, and midnight specters, who suffered the same fate, but at midnight.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photoLthe scum of the other world

Midday and midnight specters haunt agricultural crops and pastures, and doom those who discover them to dance with them until death ensues in a fatal Fest Noz. In order to get rid of a specter, it is imperative to practice a disenchantment, by finding an object that belonged to the person who has become a specter, to which he was particularly attached, in order to bring him back to find his human nature and to accept his dead.

An encounter between Geralt and a noon/midnight wraith could give him an episode à la Cluedo/Conjuring, where the Witcher would investigate the causes of death, and the reason for the ghost’s obsession. The opportunity to show another facet of the hero, the investigator with flair and sharp instinct, formidable Hercule Poirot stashed in the body of Superman.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photoUn midday specter visibly ancient florist

3 – The Golems

Straight out of Hebrew legends, golems are the steroid house-elves of the universe. The Witcher. These monsters were created by magic from stone or wood in order to blindly serve and obey. With their more than limited thinking skills, their superhuman strength, their insensitivity and the fact of being tireless, they are perfect soldiers, servants and bodyguards all at the same time. Some can be elemental, earth or fire creatures.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photoPit’s easy to find good house staff

Geralt de Riv meets the golems for the first time in the saga in The Witcher 2 : Assassins of Kings, and then discovers that there are even speaking golems, endowed with a certain degree of intelligence, and a real capacity for judgment, even though the purpose of their existence often remains to be condemned to keep a place and to eliminate any persona non grata.

However, it is above all his confrontation with one of them in The Witcher 3 which will go down in history, with its false air of Souls-like combat, forcing you to use and abuse rolls in order to dodge its formidable attacks. A nerve-wracking stage before a summit encounter with a certain Wild Hunt. It would be unthinkable for the showrunners of the Netflix series to skip such a meeting. We can already imagine Henry Cavill sweating against a golem that could put him to death with a single swing of his heavy stone hand.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photoEt this one speaks

2 – The Fiends

Strange creatures whose appearance only emphasizes the absurdity of their existence, they seem to be some sort of rabid, anabolic-bloated deer. The codes of The Witcher 3 describe them as “mountains of muscle on top of which sits a horned head with a mouth covered with fangs”. As a bonus gift, these monsters have a third eye with which they can hypnotize their victims. And they are regenerating from their injuries at breakneck speed. Quite a program.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photoVideo Game Trope #657: vize the red dot

Fiellon is synonymous with terror in the province of Skellige. Each encounter with one of them is an epic confrontation, requiring constant concentration and tension. Capable of sending any mounted horseman flying with a swipe of the shoulder and impaling multiple men at once with his antlers, this is the kind of beast the Witcher prefers to fight using his guile. rather than its strength. And it seems, there is even an alternate version of this critter, called Morvudd, which makes its cousins ​​look like wild rabbits.

Unlike their smaller gryphon, wraith, and golem comrades, fiends are a pure original creation by the author of The Witcher. It would therefore be particularly appropriate to see her put on her clogs at Netflix, in order to help establish the visual identity of the show, and to prove that her bestiary is not limited to fantasy clichés.

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt : photoKaméhaméhaaaa!

1 – Dagon

On the island of the Black Swallow lives a thousand-year-old creature, asleep since time immemorial, who bides his time to come and conquer the lands he abandoned to humans during his long sleep. The cursed work entitled “Hymns to Madness and Despair” evokes this Great Old One, whose mere sight can drive men mad.

Tribute to the Cthulhu mythos in the first game The Witcher, Dagon is as much an easter egg as it is a declaration of love from the CD Projekt studio to HP Lovecraft. The cursed book, equivalent of the Necronomicon, the sleeping Great Old One, the cultists haunted by nightmares, it’s all there, and the whole quest leading to Dagon’s resurrection is pure Lovecraftian delight.

The Witcher : photoIit is much more impressive from afar

Obviously, as a God, he is immortal, and the only way to defeat him is to defeat fifteen of his fearsome Acolytes called Vodyanois. The only disappointment remains the size of Dagon, a dwarf version of his literary model, who barely seems to exceed Geralt by a few heads, while the Lovecraftian cosmogony evokes a creature about fifteen meters high.

If the showrunners of the series could have the foresight to play it a bit more epic, and pit Geralt against the building-sized half-man, half-fish god, this would be one of the greatest. moments of the show without a doubt.

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