5 literary news of the month for all tastes

There are constantly new books to read, various publishers provide a diversity of contemporary literature releases that capture the stories of the century XXI across different genres, from the romance novel to the thriller, suspense stories, crime stories and others, which may be liked by many or even the literature on personal improvement or reflection that has gained momentum, especially in the face of recent situations in the world.

Therefore, here are some news from the VR Editoras publishing house that can become the book of the month or one of your favorite books.

The other truths of Laura G. Miranda. SPECIAL / EDITORIAL VR EDITORAS.

The other truths

By Laura G. Miranda

Editorial VR Publishers

It is a realistic novel that portrays a situation that many may face today. A story that talks about personal development, inner search, love and family.

Are there issues in which everyone can be right even thinking in the opposite direction? The new novel by Laura G. Miranda, narrates the life of Isabella, a woman who, trapped in a crucial conflict with her partner, who finds her way out of the labyrinth of her feelings and risks everything in favor of her decision. Sometimes life has other plans and you have to let them be.

Available in physical and electronic format.

It’s you that you’re looking for from Valerie Bertschin. SPECIAL / EDITORIAL VR EDITORAS.

It is you who you are looking for

De Valerie Bertschin

Editorial VR Publishers

This book invites us to reflect and question the place of each person in this world. Throughout 10 chapters, the writer Valerie Bertschin guides the reader along the path of self discovery through reflections and exercises to silence the noise of the outside world, close the cycles that prevent progress, reconnect with themselves and inhabit the world with greater harmony. A book to regain inner peace and focus positive energy.

Available in physical and electronic format.

With all the fury of Courtney Summers. SPECIAL / EDITORIAL VR EDITORS.

With all the fury

De Courtney Summers

Editorial VR Publishers

It is a crime and mystery story, recommended for people aged 16 and over. The story tells that the police find Romy on the side of a road. Hurt, with her clothes turned upside down and something atrocious written on her stomach with lipstick and unable to remember anything. She was not the only girl missing that night, although she was the only one to return home.

Why does she and the other girl not? Post-traumatic stress, desperation to remember, and the need to discover the culprit will be compounded by everyone’s rejection.

Available in physical and electronic format.

Imperfect Laura Silverman. SPECIAL / EDITORIAL VR EDITORS.


De Laura Silverman

Editorial VR Publishers

A reading that invites you to reflect on the things that really matter in life. A story that mixes comedy, drama and romance. Ariel wants to be perfect. Model student, applied athlete, first violin, participant in various types of volunteering, everything that is necessary to enter the university of his dreams, Harvard. Until a stress breakdown, a poor test grade, and a calculus tutor who seems out of a dream enter the equation to remind you that in your quest for perfection you are forgetting the most important thing of all: Living.

Available in physical and electronic format.

Extreme Makeover: Apocalypse Edition. SPECIAL / EDITORIAL VR EDITORS.

Extreme Makeover: Apocalypse Edition

The Dan Wells

Editorial VR Publishers

An interesting sci-fi plot, thriller and terror for a youth-adult audience, in which cloning is talked about as the business of the future. An unscrupulous laboratory has created a dangerous lotion capable of turning people into whom they always dreamed of. You can choose the appearance you want from a catalog of human beings and in return you should only allow the DNA to be rewritten forever. But there is not a single thing that humanity cannot turn into a weapon. Without a doubt, a hilariously absurd and terrifyingly possible apocalypse is in the works by the author of John Cleaver.

Available in physical and electronic format.

With information from VR Publishers.



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