5 exercises to get back in shape in January

With the revelries being archived, a January it’s time to get to grips with the chili too much accumulated during the holidays, a moment of relaxation that may have left its mark strongly on shape physics. After all, the desire for conviviality or even simply for domestic relaxation pushes towards culinary experimentation, with greedy, tasty but often very caloric results.

Between a glass of wine and a portion of lasagna, between a tray of canapes and a last slice of panettone, the risk of gaining weight may have turned into reality. Here is that with the end of the holidays the desire to resume with routine always and with the good daily habits of fitness, let’s find out how to do it together.

Mini workout to get back in shape

January is the month of the restart, it coincides with the need to get rid of the extra pounds accumulated during the holidays. But also with the desire to purify the body from toxins and waste through a path of food detox, but mainly through a new routine. With the fitness, training and constant movement, it only takes a few minutes a day to regain control of your physical shape.

Approaching everything gradually, in crescendo, starting from the simple one walk with the dog around the neighborhood, everything can be useful for reactivating muscles and joints, but also for lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar. It always starts with a series of exercises stretching to be done both before and after training.

  • Walk on site: if it is not possible to walk outdoors, the on-site practice will help you. Just walk maintaining the same position and simulating a march, altering the movement of the legs with that of the arms, thus also training the upper part of the torso. It starts gradually with 15 minutes and then reaches thirty, forty-five minutes up to an hour day after day;
  • Jumps on the spot: to be performed with the rope with small and slow hops that will gradually increase in intensity. They can also be tackled without a rope by spreading the legs during the jump and joining the arms above the head, then bringing the legs together and lowering the arms to the sides;
  • Push up: the classic push-ups to be practiced both with straight legs and with the knees bent and resting on the ground, taking care to lift the torso correctly without bending the back;
  • Abdominal muscles: easy to deal with, just put your back on the ground, with your legs bent, your feet flat on the floor and your arms behind your head. The latter is raised trying to reach the chest so as to activate the muscles of the abdomen, and then return to the ground;
  • Lunges: carried out both forward and sideways, start from an upright position with a straight torso and bend one leg forward, lowering the pelvis towards the ground. The rear leg is bent and the arms resting on the hips, it is maintained for a few seconds and then resumes the vertical pose alternating the movement with the other leg. A useful exercise for both the abdominals and to slim down the legs.

The importance of daily movement

Moving is important and, as mentioned, it offers the possibility of eliminating accumulated toxins, gradually bringing the most important values ​​back to normal. For example the pressure but also cholesterol, glycemic index and stress levels. Online it is possible to recover many workout easy to perform even within the walls of the house, maybe a little yoga or exercise bike, and then continue outdoors with walks, runs or brisk walks.

For lovers of gym and of pool, January is the best time to renew your subscriptions, to wear a headset again and swimming goggles or to enroll in some new course you have never experienced. Playing sports is necessary for the well-being of the joints and the muscles themselves, which can rely on greater tone and strength. Without forgetting how sport is a valid ally against aging, but also able to improve mental well-being as well as intestinal.

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