4 days in Argentina for less than R$900

Purchasing a ticket to Buenos Aires may be, in the future, one of the first possible actions to be taken by those who like to travel and discover new places. The capital of Argentina is known for its charm and has always been one of the ‘most darling’ destinations for Brazilians. This is one of several opportunities listed by the team ‘Here’s the Tip of Band B’.

Image of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. Photo: Disclosure / Hurb

With the shadow of Covid-19 playing in the last two yearsAt least around the world, international travel has become increasingly difficult to do and restricted to the few. Unlike protocols and realities linked to the sanitary conditions of the countries, they imposed several barriers to the transit of tourists.

Today, the negative test against the coronavirus is a requirement demanded by the government of the neighboring country for anyone looking to go to the Argentine capital or any other Albiceleste territory. Another important detail concerns the complete vaccination schedule (two doses or a single dose), which must have been applied at least 14 days before entering South American territory. See more details at article published by the UOL Portal.

But this is for 2022. And for, 2023? The Hotel Urbano package (Hurb) it has this flexibility, as it is still a distant period, and allows the possibility of planning a trip to Buenos Aires even more smoothly.

In addition, tourists can count on lower case rates linked to Covid-19 and thus have more security when traveling.

Some sights and things to do in Buenos Aires

Murilo Pagani, author of the travel blog ‘Volto Logo’, brings 50 tips on what to do if you buy this ticket to Buenos Aires. In the text, he highlights right from the start that it is a great challenge in the face of countless possibilities. Even not to write a large amount, the blogger stopped “only” at 50.

ticket to Buenos Aires Argentina
Image of Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina. Photo: Disclosure / Hurb

In the center of the capital, the author highlights the stories of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo, the guided tour of the Casa Rosada (seat of the executive power of the Argentine government), the National Congress (seat of the legislative power) and the Colón Theater; in addition to stopping by the most famous coffee shop in the capital, Café Tortoni.

He also makes directions in the San Telmo neighborhood, the oldest in Buenos Aires, home to many interesting dining options and a “melancholy atmosphere”. La Boca is another neighborhood highlighted by Pagani especially for being home to the most popular football club in the country, and one of the biggest in the world, the Boca Juniors.

THE blogger It also closes with food options and other activities that are intrinsic to the culture of the neighboring country. Read the full text here.

Obelisk and the dimension of what Buenos Aires is

In this passage to Buenos Aires, most likely, you will come across an imposing tower. Also because they are more than 60 meters high of a monument in the central area and in one of the main avenues of the city. The Obelisk, as it is known, has great symbolism to the Argentine people, since in the space where it is located, the country’s flag was raised for the first time in the capital, in the distant year of 1812.

ticket to Buenos Aires Argentina
The Obelisk in Buenos Aires. Photo: Matcruz/Disclosure/Pixabay

The Obelisk is located in the popular ‘July 9th’. The avenue’s name is the same as the day of the country’s declaration of independence, which took place in 1816, four years after the flag was first hoisted in the Argentine capital. Currently, the place is surrounded by several buildings, hotels, restaurants and shops.

Whether at night or by day, visiting the Obelisk can be one of the best ways to understand the true dimension of what Buenos Aires is all about and, consequently, a little bit of Argentina.

See the travel offer made by Hurb

The package offered by Hurb, in addition to the ticket to Buenos Aires, already includes accommodation for four days in the city. The Hotel, however, is chosen by Hotel Urbano within the economy category.

Unlike conventional Hurb This package does not include breakfast during the stay. But this time, you can enjoy dinner and a tango show at Esquina Homero Manzi, a bar built in 1927 and declared a historic building for its charm and cultural importance in Buenos Aires.

The package and its respective items are valid from March 1, 2023 to November 30, 2023, except for high season: in weeks with holidays or festive events in the cities of origin and destination and in the months of January, February, July and December.

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