2G controls – 1,000 violations have been punished since Tuesday

Since Tuesday, retailers have had to monitor compliance with the 2G rule in stores and people have to wear an FFP2 mask outdoors if the two-meter distance can be maintained. Since the introduction of these new rules, around 180,000 checks have been carried out by Saturday morning, with the focus on trade, gastronomy and tourist hotspots, as the Ministry of the Interior announced in a broadcast. 1,000 violations were punished.

Extensive cooperation

Overall, the majority of the people checked would be cooperative, the broadcast said. The checks are mainly carried out by stand-by units and special patrols, but also by plainclothes officers. There is also close cooperation with the trading companies and their interest groups.

In the broadcast, the Ministry of the Interior also emphasized the importance of these controls, as they are an important aspect of containing the pandemic. Interior Minister Gerhard Karner (ÖVP) therefore also announced: “The necessary control pressure will continue to be consistently maintained.” (apa)

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